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Veronica arvensis  L.
Marshall County, Kansas
Height: 2.4 to 10 inches
Family: Plantaginaceae - Plantain Family
Flowering Period:   March, April, May
Stems: Plants pubescent. Stems erect or ascending, simple or branched from base.
Leaves: Cauline, opposite; petiole present on proximal leaves, absent on distal leaves; blade ovate to broadly ovate, .16 to .55 inch long, .12 to .4 inch wide, margins serrate to crenate, apex acute or rounded.
Inflorescences: Raceme, terminal. Pedicels .02 to .08 inch.
Flowers: Calyx 4-lobed, .12 to .16 inch, lobes lanceolate; corolla blue, 4-lobed, .16 to .24 inch; stamens 2, equal, exserted; pistil 1, 2-carpellate; style 1; stigma 1.
Fruits: Capsule, symmetric, strongly compressed, obcordate, .12 to .16 inch long and wide, notched; style to 0.4 inch; seeds brownish yellow, ovate, .03 to .05 inch.
Habitat: Lawns, fields, waste ground
Distribution: East 4/5 of Kansas
Origin: Introduced
Comments: Veronica, for St. Veronica, and arvensis, of cultivated fields.

Corn speedwell flower
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Marshall County, Kansas