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Tripterocalyx micranthus   (Torr. ) Hook.
Kearney County, Kansas (Marion McGlohon photo)
Height: 2-16 inches
Family: Nyctaginaceae - Four-o'clock Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, July, August
Stems: Decumbent to erect, simple or branched, glandular-pubescent, sticky.
Leaves: Opposite, simple; petiole .4 to 1.6 inch; blade lanceolate-ovate to elliptic, .4 to 2.4 inches long, .2 to 1 inch wide; base tapered to truncate, margins entire to wavy, apex obtuse to acute, surfaces sticky-pubescent.
Inflorescences: Head-like clusters, 5-15-flowered, axillary, dense; bracts usually 5, distinct, green or papery, lanceolate to ovate, .12 to .35 inch long, .04 to .12 inch wide, apex obtuse to acute; receptacle flat to somewhat conic. Pedicels peg-like on receptacle.
Flowers: Perianth funnelform to salverform, tube green to pink, .25 to .7 inch, limb green to pink, .12 to .2 inch wide; stamens (3-)4-5; pistil 1; style 1; stigma 1, linear.
Fruits: .2 to .8 inch long, .2 to .8 inch wide, spongy, with prominently veined, translucent wings contiguous across fruit apices and bases, wings 2-4. Achenes brown, obovoid, .25 to .28 inch.
Habitat: Sandsage prairies
Distribution: Hamilton, Haskell and Kearney Counties, Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: Tripterocalyx, three and wing, alluding to the perianth.

Small-flower sandpuffs habit
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Kearney County, Kansas (Marion McGlohon photo)