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Bacopa rotundifolia   (Michx. ) Wettst.
(photo by Craig Freeman)
Height: 2.5-16 inches
Family: Plantaginaceae - Plantain Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August, September
Stems: Plants pilose to hispid; aquatic or terrestrial. Stems spreading to ascending, branched.
Leaves: Cauline, opposite; petiole absent; blade broadly obovate to round, .6 to 1.2 inch long, .4 to 1.2 inch wide, margins entire.
Inflorescences: Axillary,1-2 flowers per axil.
Flowers: Bisexual; calyx 5-lobed, .12 to .16 inch, lobes ovate; corolla white with yellow throat, funnelform, weakly 2-lipped, not spurred, .2 to .28 inch, abaxial lip 3-lobed, adaxial lip 2-lobed; stamens 4, 2 longer than others, included; style 1; stigma 1.
Fruits: Capsules symmetric, globose; seeds light tan, oblong to ellipsoid, ca. .02 inch.
Habitat: Wet soil, mud, and shallow water in marshes and ponds.
Distribution: Occurs throughout Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: Bacopa, an aboriginal name, and rotundifolia, round and leaf.

Round-leaf water-hyssop flower
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(photo by Craig Freeman)
Round-leaf water-hyssop leaves
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Baker Wetlands, Douglas County, Kansas
Round-leaf water-hyssop habit
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Baker Wetlands, Douglas County, Kansas