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Chaerophyllum tainturieri  Hook.
Harvey County, Kansas
Height: 4-28 inches
Family: Apiaceae - Parsley Family
Flowering Period:   March, April, May, June
Stems: Erect, moderately to densely retrorsely pubescent, sometimes becoming glabrescent, not purple-spotted.
Leaves: Basal and cauline, alternate. Basal leaves petiolate; blade 2-3-pinnately or 2-3-ternately compound, broadly ovate to oblong-ovate in outline. Cauline leaves gradually reduced distally on stem; petiole present or absent; blade 1-3-pinnately or 1-3-ternately compound. Leaf blades .8 to 4 inches long, .6 to 2.2 inches wide, surfaces glabrous or sparsely to moderately pubescent abaxially; leaflets .28 to .8 inch long, .2 to .6 inch wide, ultimate segments usually linear, less frequently oblong or elliptic, .04 to .24 inch long, .04 to .12 inch wide.
Inflorescences: Terminal and axillary, compound umbels; peduncles present; involucral bracts absent; rays 1-5, unequal; bractlets 4-6, oblanceolate to elliptic, subtending umbellets and forming involucel; pedicels clavate in fruit.
Flowers: 2-15 flowers per umbellet; calyx lobes absent; petals 5, white, .02 to .04 inch, obovate; stamens 5, filaments distinct; pistil 1, 2-carpellate; ovary inferior, 2-locular, usually glabrous, rarely pubescent; styles 2, often swollen at base; stigmas 2.
Fruits: Schizocarps, lanceoloid, broadest proximal to middle, .16 to .32 inch, usually glabrous, splitting at maturity into two mericarps; mericarps brown to dark brown, with 5 longitudinal ribs, ribs wider than spaces between ribs, oil tubes conspicuous in spaces between ribs. Seeds 1 per mericarp.
Habitat: Tallgrass prairies, roadsides, pastures, open disturbed sites; usually on rocky limestone soils.
Distribution: East 1/2 of Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: Chaerophyllum, rejoice and leaf, alluding to the graceful leaves and agreeable odor and tainturieri, for L. F. Tainturier des Essarts, who sent plants of Louisiana to Sir William Hooker.

Southern chervil habit
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Harvey County, Kansas
Southern chervil inflorescence and flowers
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Harvey County, Kansas
Southern chervil leaves
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Harvey County, Kansas
Southern chervil leaves
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Harvey County, Kansas