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Myosotis verna  Nutt.
Chase County, Kansas
Height: 4-16 inches
Family: Boraginaceae - Borage Family
Flowering Period:   April, May
Stems: Erect or ascending, simple or branched.
Leaves: Alternate, simple; blade spatulate to oblong, .3 to 2.4 inches long, .04 to .4 inch wide, apex rounded or acute.
Inflorescences: Scorpioid racemes, terminal.
Flowers: Sepals 5, fused below, calyx ca. 1. inch, lobes lanceolate or triangular; corolla white, tubular, .1 to .12 inch, 5-lobed; lobes spreading, apex rounded; stamens 5, included; pistil 1; style 1.
Fruits: Schizocarps; nutlets 4, brown, ovoid to ellipsoid, .05 to .06 inch, smooth, margins sharply keeled.
Habitat: Tallgrass prairie, glades, pastures, and openings in oak-hickory woodlands.
Distribution: East 3/5 of Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: The plants are hirsute to strigose. Myosotis, mouse and ear, alluding to the leaves of some species and verna, vernal.

Spring forget-me-not
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Chase County, Kansas
Spring forget-me-not habit
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Chase County, Kansas
Spring forget-me-not leaves
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Chase County, Kansas
Spring forget-me-not flower
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Chase County, Kansas