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Pediomelum linearifolium   (Torr. & A. Gray) J.W. Grimes
[=Psoralea linearifolia Torr. & A. Gray]
Clark County, Kansas
Height: 1-4 feet
Family: Fabaceae - Bean Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August
Stems: Erect, branched above, sparsely strigose or glabrate.
Leaves: Alternate, palmately compound: stipules lanceolate to subulate, .12 to .35 inch; petiole .04 to .2 inch; leaflets usually 3-5, sometimes 1-2 on distal leaves, narrowly oblanceolate to linear, .8 to 2.4 inches long, .04 to .2 inch wide, base acute to cuneate, apex acute, surfaces strigose abaxially, glabrous adaxially.
Inflorescences: Racemes, interrupted proximally but continuous distally with 3-8 whorls, mostly loose, .8 to 3.2 inches long, .4 to .6 inch wide; peduncles .8 to 3.2 inches; bracts ovate to lanceolate, .04 to .08.
Flowers: Papilionaceous; pedicels .16 to .4 inch; calyx campanulate, .16 to .24 inch, lobes acute to somewhat rounded; corolla light blue or violet, .3 to .4 inch; banner obovate; wings oblong to oblanceolate, longer than keel petals; keel oblong to oblanceolate, slightly curved upward distally, apex rounded; stamens 10, diadelphous.
Fruits: Legumes (called pods), .24 to .3 inch, enclosed in persistent calyx; seeds 1, dark brown, sometimes mottled, reniform, .2 inch.
Habitat: Rocky mixed-grass and shortgrass prairies, rock outcrops
Distribution: West third of Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: Pediomelum, plain and apple, alluding to the tuberous rootstock of some species and linearifolium, linear and leaf.

Slim-leaf scurf-pea inflorescence
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Clark County, Kansas
Slim-leaf scurf-pea leaf
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Clark County, Kansas
Slim-leaf scurf-pea leaf
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Clark County, Kansas
Slim-leaf scurf-pea flowers
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Clark County, Kansas