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Arenaria serpyllifolia  Michx.
Geary County, Kansas
Annual or biennial
Height: 1.5-16 inches
Family: Caryophyllaceae - Pink Family
Flowering Period:   April, May, June
Stems: Decumbent to ascending or erect, 1.5 to 16 inches long, puberulent.
Leaves: Opposite; stipules absent; petiole present in lower leaves, absent in upper leaves; blade ovate to elliptic, 1/12 to 1/4 inch long, 1/25 to 1/6 inch wide, base rounded or clasping, tip acute to acuminate, surfaces glabrous or puberulent and often pustulate.
Inflorescences: Cymes, terminal.
Flowers: Pedicels ascending to erect, 1/25 to 1/2 inch; sepals 5, distinct, ovate to lanceolate; petals 5, white, oblong, 1/40 to 1/9 inch, apex rounded; stamens 10; styles 3.
Fruits: Capsules, ovoid to cylindric-ovoid, 1/8 to 1/6 inch, splitting apically by 6 teeth; seeds dark brown or black, reniform or suborbicular, tiny, tuberculate.
Habitat: Lawns, pastures, disturbed areas, and waste places
Distribution: Occurs statewide
Origin: Introduced
Comments: Arenaria, sand, in which many of the species grow and serpyllifolia, alluding to the similarity of the leaves to those of thyme, Thymus serphylum.

Thyme-leaf sandwort
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Chase County, Kansas
Thyme-leaf sandwort
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Geary County, Kansas
Thyme-leaf sandwort
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Geary County, Kansas
Thyme-leaf sandwort
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Geary County, Kansas
Thyme-leaf sandwort leaves
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Geary County, Kansas