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Iresine rhizomatosa  Small
Cowley County, Kansas
Height: 1-5 feet
Family: Amaranthaceae - Amaranth Family
Flowering Period:   August, September,October
Also Called: Juda's bush.
Stems: Erect, simple or branched above, glabrous or villous.
Leaves: Cauline, opposite, petiolate; blade lanceolate to ovate or nearly round, 2.4 to 4.7 inches long, .8 to 2.8 inches wide, base attenuate, margins entire, apex acute to attenuate, without spine-like bristle at tip, surfaces sparsely pubescent.
Inflorescences: Terminal and axillary panicles, pyramidal, 2.8 to 12 inches; bracts 3, membranous, without spine-like bristle at tip.
Flowers: Unisexual; tepals 5, connate basally, white, ovate, 1/25 to 1/20 inch, lanate, apex acute to acuminate; petals 0; stamens 5, connate basally; style 1; stigmas 2-3.
Fruits: Utricles, ovoid, 1/20 to 1/16 inch; seeds reddish brown, nearly round, biconvex.
Habitat: Floodplain forests, moist depressions along rivers and streams
Distribution: Southeast quarter of Kansas
Origin: Native
Comments: Dioecious herb from rhizomes. Iresine, wreath or staff entwined with strips of wool, alluding to the hairs of the flowers and rhizomatosa, with rhizomes.

Root-stock bloodleaf inflorescence
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Cowley County, Kansas
Root-stock bloodleaf
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Cowley County, Kansas
Root-stock bloodleaf
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Cowley County, Kansas
Root-stock bloodleaf leaf
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Cowley County, Kansas