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Chenopodium pratericola  Rydb.
[=Chenopodium desiccatum A. Nels.]
McPherson County, Kansas
Height: 8-32 inches
Family: Amaranthaceae - Amaranth Family
Flowering Period:   July, August, September,October
Stems: Erect, usually branched below and/or above, usually densely covered with a mealy powder.
Leaves: Cauline, alternate: petiole 1/6 to 2/5 inch; blade linear to lanceolate or narrowly elliptic, .6 to 2.4 inches long, 1/6 to 3/5 inch wide, 3-veined from base, base wedge-shaped, margins entire or with 2 basal teeth, tip acute, surfaces usually densely covered with a mealy powder.
Inflorescences: Small, dense, head-like clusters of minute flowers in terminal and axillary panicles.
Flowers: Tepals (4-)5, nearly distinct, lobes oblong-ovate, less than 1/25 inch, strongly keeled along midvein, usually spreading and exposing fruit at maturity; stamens (4-)5.
Fruits: Utricles, ovoid; pericarp nonadherent, smooth; seeds horizontal, black, tiny.
Habitat: Sand and sandsage prairies, sandy areas in mixed-grass and shortgrass prairies, flood plains.
Distribution: Occurs statewide
Origin: Native

Field goosefoot
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McPherson County, Kansasc
Field goosefoot
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McPherson County, Kansas
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McPherson County, Kansas
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McPherson County, Kansas