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Hypericum sphaerocarpum  Michx.
Woodson County, Kansas
Height: 8-24 inches
Family: Hypericaceae - St. John's-wort Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, July, August, September,October
Stems: Erect, unbranched or few-branched, not black-punctate.
Leaves: Cauline, opposite, simple, leathery; petiole absent; blade narrowly elliptic or oblong to narrowly lanceolate, 1 to 2.75 inches long, .1 to .6 inch wide, lower surface with numerous transparent glandular dots but not black-punctate, base rounded or acute, margins entire, tip acute.
Inflorescences: Terminal and axillary, cyme-like or thyrse-like, 7-70-flowered.
Flowers: Sepals 5, subequal, broadly ovate to lanceolate, .1 to .2 inch, apex acute to acuminate; petals 5, yellow, oblanceolate to elliptic, .1 to .2 inch, not black-punctate; stamens 45-85; styles 3.
Fruits: Capsules broadly ovoid to globose, .2 to .3 inch; seeds about .1 inch.
Habitat: Tallgrass prairies, rocky woodlands, and roadsides.
Distribution: East 1/3 of Kansas
Origin: Native

Round-fruit St. John's-wort
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Woodson County, Kansas
Round-fruit St. John's-wort flowers
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Woodson County, Kansas
Round-fruit St. John's-wort
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Woodson County, Kansas
Round-fruit St. John's-wort leaves
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Woodson County, Kansas