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Duchesnea indica   (Andr. ) Focke
Riley County, Kansas
Height: Prostrate to spreading
Family: Rosaceae - Rose Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, July, August, September
Also Called: Indian mock-strawberry.
Stems: Simple or branched, 0.3 to 30 inches, pubescent to sparsely lanate, without prickles.
Leaves: Basal or cauline, alternate, 3-foliolate; stipules leaf-like; petiole .8 to 10 inches; blade cordate in outline, .4 to 2.75 inches; leaflets obovate or elliptic, .7 to 2.3 inches, margins doubly serrate to crenate, surfaces sparsely strigose below, glabrous or pilose above.
Inflorescences: Axillary at stolon nodes, flowers solitary; peduncle 1.2 to 4.7 inches.
Flowers: Hypanthium cup-shaped; sepals 5, spreading, ovate to lanceolate, .12 to .4 inch, subtended by 5 obovate bractlets, 3-5-toothed apically; petals 5, yellow, cuneate-oblong, .12 to .3 inch; stamens 20-30; receptacle turbinate to hemispheric; pistils 50-100, distinct, free.
Fruits: Accessory, receptacle red, accrescent, fleshy, ovoid to globose, .4 to .8 inch, bearing numerous superficial achenes. Achenes red, ovoid, .04 to .06 inch, smooth.
Habitat: Lawns, parks, cemeteries, moist places with sparse vegetation.
Distribution: Scattered in eastern Kansas
Origin: Introduced
Comments: The fruits resemble smaller versions of our wild strawberries, but they are not juicy and lack flavor.

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Riley County, Kansas
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Riley County, Kansas
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Riley County, Kansas