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Linaria dalmatica   (L. ) P. Mill.
Osborne County, Kansas
Height: 1-3 feet
Family: Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August
Stems: Erect, branching above, glabrous, waxy.
Leaves: Alternate, simple, sessile and clasping, ovate to lanceolate, 1 to 2 inches long, .5 to 1.5 inch wide, broadest near bases, crowded, overlapping, rigid, glabrous, waxy; margins entire; tips sharply pointed; branch leaves reduced.
Inflorescences: Racemes, elongate, terminal.
Flowers: To 1.75 inch long; calyces deeply 5-parted, segments nearly equal; corollas 2-lipped, upper lip 2-lobed, lower lip 3-lobed, usually bent downward, bright yellow with dense orange to white beard on lower lip at throat; spurs long; stamens 4.
Fruits: Capsules, nearly spherical, to 1/8 inch long, 2-celled; seeds numerous, irregularly angled.
Habitat: Roadsides and waste areas.
Distribution: Scattered throughout Kansas.
Origin: It was introduced from southeastern Europe, probably as an ornamental.
Comments: Dalmatian toadflax can be aggressive but is seldom a problem in Kansas. It has a deep root system, which makes eradication difficult.

Dalmatian toadflax inflorescence
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Osborne County, Kansas
Dalmatian toadflax flowers
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Osborne County, Kansas
Dalmatian toadflax
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Mitchell County, Kansas
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Mitchell County, Kansas