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Dalea aurea  Nutt. ex  Pursh
Mitchell County, Kansas
Height: 8-30 inches
Family: Fabaceae - Bean Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August
Also Called: Golden prairie-clover.
Stems: Erect, 1 to several, simple or occasionally branched above, silky-hairy.
Leaves: Alternate, stalked, few, odd-pinnately compound, .5 to 1.5 inch long, .5 to 1 inch wide, reduced above; leaflets 3-9, egg-shaped, to 3/4 inch long, grayish green; tips mostly blunt or terminating in minute, abrupt points.
Inflorescences: Spikes, solitary, oblong or cone-like, .5 to 2.5 inches long, densely flowered, silky-hairy, terminal.
Flowers: Encircling spikes and blooming from base upward; calyces 5-lobed, silky-hairy; margins feathery; corollas papilionaceous, bright yellow; stamens 10, united.
Fruits: Pods, less than 1/6 inch long, silky-hairy, 1-seeded; seeds tiny, smooth, yellow.
Habitat: Rocky prairie slopes, open wooded or brushy hillsides, waste areas, stream valleys, and ravines.
Distribution: West 4/5 of Kansas.
Origin: Native
Forage Value: Livestock find it palatable, so it decreases with grazing.
Uses: Native Americans used silktop dalea to treat diarrhea and colic.
Comments: Silktop dalea's sparse foliage aids it in withstanding drought conditions.

Silktop dalea
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Mitchell County, Kansas
Silktop dalea
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Mitchell County, Kansas
Silktop dalea fruiting
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Mitchell County, Kansas
Silktop dalea leaf
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Silktop dalea leaves
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Ellsworth County, Kansas
Silktop dalea inflorescence
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Ellsworth County, Kansas
Silktop dalea
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Ellsworth County, Kansas