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Tetraneuris scaposa   (DC. ) Greene
[=Hymenoxys scaposa  (DC. ) Parker]
Gove County, Kansas
Height: 4-12 inches
Family: Asteraceae - Sunflower Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, September
Also Called: Plains yellow daisy, four-nerve daisy.
Stems: Stems not obvious.
Leaves: Basal, simple, sessile or short-stalked, closely overlapping, nearly erect, linear to linear-lanceolate, 1 to 4 inches long, less than 1/4 inch wide, glabrous or sparsely hairy; margins entire; axils densely woolly.
Inflorescences: Heads, solitary, terminal, on rigidly upright flowering stalks, about 1.5 inches wide; bracts in 2-3 series, to 1/4 inch long, thin, silky.
Flowers: Ray florets 8-21, to 4/5 inch long, yellow, prominently 4-nerved; tips 3-lobed; disk florets numerous, corollas yellow.
Fruits: Achenes, less than 1/8 inch long, dark, tipped with 5-8 short scales, enclosing small seed.
Habitat: Dry, open, rocky or sandy, limestone sites.
Distribution: West 1/2 of Kansas.
Comments: Blooms in May and June and sometimes again in September. After maturity, the ray flowers droop, turn whitish, and become paper-like. Plains hymenoxys can form large mats with abundant heads.

Plains hymenoxys inflorescence
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Smoky Valley Ranch, Logan County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys florets
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Russell County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys leaves
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Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Monument Rocks, Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Gove County, Kansas
Plains hymenoxys
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Gove County, Kansas