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Nama stevensii  C. Hitchc.
Comanche County, Kansas
Height: 2-10 inches
Family: Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, July
Stems: Erect, widely branched from bases to just above mid-stem, covered with stiff-hairs.
Leaves: Alternate, simple, sessile, linear to linear-lanceolate, .5 to 1.25 inch long, less than 1/8 inch wide, grayish stiff-hairy; margins entire, rolling under; tips taper to points.
Inflorescences: Solitary flowers or terminal cymes, in leaf axils.
Flowers: 5-parted; calyces deeply divided almost to base, lobes long-pointed; corollas 5-lobed, funnel to bell shaped, about 1/4 inch long, lavender; stamens 5, unequal in length, less than 1/2 as long as corollas, bases of filaments expanded into minute, free-margined appendages.
Fruits: Capsules; seeds 40-50, tiny, yellow.
Habitat: Open sites in sandy, gypsum soils.
Distribution: South-central Kansas
Comments: Stevens' nama occurs only in south-central counties bordering Oklahoma.

Stevens' nama
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Comanche County, Kansas
Stevens' nama
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Comanche County, Kansas