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Matricaria matricarioides   (Less. ) Porter
Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Height: 2-16 inches
Family: Asteraceae - Sunflower Family
Flowering Period:   May, June, July, August
Stems: Erect or ascending, much-branched below, glabrous.
Leaves: Alternate, short-stalked, 1/2 to 2 inches long, to 3/4 inch wide, 1-3 times pinnately divided into segments that are usually short-linear.
Inflorescences: Heads, numerous, in corymb-like clusters, terminal head occasionally more prominent; heads cone-shaped, less than 1/2 inch wide; bracts in 2-3 series; margins thin, papery.
Flowers: Ray florets absent; disk florets yellow to greenish yellow, corollas 4-lobed.
Fruits: Achenes, ribbed, tipped with short crown or pappus obscure, enclosing small seed.
Habitat: Waste areas, lawns, gardens, and roadsides.
Distribution: Principally east 1/2 of Kansas.
Origin: Introduced
Forage Value: Livestock generally will not graze pineapple weed.
Uses: A number of Native American tribes took a tea brewed from the plant and flowers to treat diarrhea and stomach pains and some used the dried blossoms for perfume and as an insect repellent.
Comments: This weedy species has a faint pineapple scent when bruised.

Pineapple weed inflorescences
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Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Pineapple weed
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Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Pineapple weed leaves
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Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Pineapple weed inflorescences
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Pottawatomie County, Kansas