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Eragrostis spectabilis   (Pursh ) Steud.
Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Height: 10-30 inches
Family: Poaceae - Grass Family
Flowering Period:   August, September
Culms: Stiffly erect to arching, rigid, glabrous.
Blades: Flat, 4 to 16 inches long, to 1/3 inch wide, firm, stiffly ascending, often with long hairs on upper surface near base; margins usually rolling inward when dry.
Sheaths: Margins overlapping, collar and upper margins with long hairs.
Ligules: Short membranes backed by ring of hairs.
Inflorescences: Open panicles, 6 to 24 inches long, 4 to 16 inches wide, loosely flowered, about 2/3 height of plant; branches 3 to 10 inches long, somewhat stiff and ascending, spreading at maturity, reddish purple, lower branches shorter than middle branches, branch axils with long hairs.
Spikelets: Numerous, on stiff stalks, linear-oblong, about 1/4 inch long, 5-12-flowered, flattened, purplish; awns absent; glumes and lemmas sharply pointed.
Habitat: Dry or moist pastures, roadsides, and waste areas, often on sandy sites.
Distribution: Principally east 2/3 of Kansas.
Forage Value: Purple lovegrass has fair forage value when young. Cattle will not graze mature plants.
Uses: It provides nesting cover for some game birds.
Comments: Tufted. After maturity, the inflorescences often break loose and roll like tumbleweeds.

Purple lovegrass
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Purple lovegrass ligule
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Purple lovegrass spikelets
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas