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Heliotropium curassavicum  L.
Sumner County, Kansas
Annual, reportedly sometimes perennial
Height: 4-16 inches
Family: Boraginaceae - Borage Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August, September,October
Stems: Erect to decumbent, branched. Plants glabrous, glaucous.
Leaves: Cauline, alternate, simple, succulent; blade spatulate or oblanceolate to elliptic or linear-obovate to linear, .4 to 1.6 inch long, .08 to .7 inch wide, tip rounded to acute.
Inflorescences: Terminal and axillary, scorpioid cymes.
Flowers: Sepals connate basally, calyx .1 to .2 inch, lobes narrowly lanceolate; corolla white, funnelform, 5-lobed, limb .08 to .35 inch wide, lobes spreading, tip acute to rounded; stamens 5, included.
Fruits: Schizocarps; nutlets 4, ca. .1 inch, glabrous.
Habitat: Saline soils, salt marshes, shores of reservoirs.
Distribution: Principally southwest quarter of Kansas
Origin: Two varieties are known from Kansas. Variety obovatum DC. is considered native in the state whereas var. currassavicum is considered introduced.
Uses: The Paiute and Shoshoni took a decoction of root as an emetic and as a gargle for sore throats.
Comments: Heliotropium - sun and turn, alluding to the belief that flowering plants turned toward the sun.

Seaside heliotrope
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Sumner County, Kansas
Seaside heliotrope
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Sumner County, Kansas
Seaside heliotrope inflorescence
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Sumner County, Kansas
Seaside heliotrope flowers
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Sumner County, Kansas
Seaside heliotrope leaves
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Sumner County, Kansas