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Packera obovata   (Muhl. ex Willd.) W.A. Weber & A. Löve
[=Senecio obovatus Muhl. ex  Willd.]
Cherokee County, Kansas
Height: 8-20 inches
Family: Asteraceae - Sunflower Family
Flowering Period:   March, April, May
Stems: Erect, single or sometimes clustered from long, slender stolons, glabrous.
Leaves: Basal leaves in rosette, distinctly stalked, blades egg-shaped to nearly round, 1 to 6 inches long, 1/2 to 2 inches wide, abruptly tapering at base; margins sharp-toothed; stem leaves alternate, stalked, egg- to spoon-shaped, sometimes pinnately-cleft; upper stem leaves reduced to small bracts.
Inflorescences: Flat-topped cluster of 3-20 heads, terminal.
Flowers: Principal bracts frequently 13 or 21, 1/6 to 1/4 inch long; ray florets usually 8 or 13, 1/5 to 2/5 inch long, yellow, occasionally absent; disk florets numerous, orange.
Fruits: Achene, cylindrical, 5- to 10-ribbed, glabrous or lightly hairy, tipped with long, white, weakly barbed hairs; enclosing small seed.
Habitat: Rocky wooded hillsides, stream banks, and moist meadows.
Distribution: East 1/3 of Kansas.
Comments: The achenes are dispersed by the wind, but many settle near the parent, causing a patch or colony to form.

Roundleaf groundsel
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Cherokee County, Kansas
Roundleaf groundsel inflorescence
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Cherokee County, Kansas
Roundleaf groundsel
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Cherokee County, Kansas
Roundleaf groundsel leaves
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Cherokee County, Kansas
Roundleaf groundsel leaf
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Cherokee County, Kansas