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Spiranthes cernua   (L. ) Rich.
Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Height: 3-24 inches
Family: Orchidaceae - Orchid Family
Flowering Period:   August, September,October
Also Called: Nodding ladies'-tresses.
Stems: Erect, usually solitary, unbranched, green, glabrous below, short-hairy above.
Leaves: Mostly basal, simple, sessile, linear to lanceolate, 2 to 12 inches long, less than 1 inch wide, pale green; margins entire; tips pointed; upper leaves reduced to 2-6 alternate, sheathing bracts with tapering-pointed tips.
Inflorescences: Spikes, 2 to 5 inches long, with up to 60 flowers in 2-3 tightly twisting spirals; floral bracts ovate, to 1 inch long, green; tips tapered to sharp points.
Flowers: Less than 1/2 inch long, blooming from bottom to top; sepals 3, petal-like, white; petals 3, white; lower petal lip-like, somewhat constricted near middle; center yellowish green; tip rounded, crisped; stamen 1, united with pistil.
Fruits: Capsules, erect, egg-shaped, about 1/4 inch long; seeds numerous, tiny, brown.
Habitat: Wet meadows, dry or wet, upland prairies, thickets, and rocky limestone glades.
Distribution: East 2/3 of Kansas.
Comments: The inflorescence has the appearance of braided hair, which is the source of its common name. The flowers are fragrant, with a lilac or vanilla-like odor.
 See also Spring lady's tresses and Slender lady's tresses

Lady's tresses
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Lady's tresses inflorescence
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas
Lady's tresses
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Konza Prairie, Riley County, Kansas